i just moved from a classic guitar to a electric and im having a problem with picking. i used my thumb as a pick while playing classic but now that i moved from classic to electric i need to get used to a pick and its giving me a hard time. does any one have a practice session that can help me improve my picking or any other idea to help me out?
This goes back a bit but I remember when I first started using a pick the bit I found the hardest was that I couldn't feel what string I was hitting, as I could when I used my fingers. I kept having to look at my picking hand to make sure I was picking the right strings which then made it more difficult to play correctly with my left hand.

If you are having the same problem then just practice playing a particular string without looking at it. If you have the guitar tuned to E standard, try playing the open strings in an order something like this: E, D, A, G, D, B, G, E. This way you are skipping strings rather than playing them in order.