Hey all

I'm considering getting an Epiphone guitar since they're affordable and have a decent price/value ratio, but my preferred genre at the moment is thrash metal and I don't know whether an Epiphone LP/SG would be fit for this genre. My two current options are:

- Epiphone G-400 Pro
- Epiphone Les Paul Studio/Standard
- Epiphone Explorer? (haven't looked into it much since I prefer LP/SG designs, but still a consideration)

For this price range however I can also afford an Ibanez RG421, which I know is built for metal..but I really prefer the epiphones from an aesthetic point of view.

Any epiphone connoisseurs have experience playing metal on these instruments? Which of the two would be better suited for my preferred genre, or would it not matter as both would produce the same sound quality? Should I go for the Ibanez RG421 instead, or would the epiphone's sound and design still work well with a thrash metal genre?

My main concerns are just with neck width and a floating or flat bridge, please don't give me the 'you can play metal with any guitar' I know you can, but as an intermediate guitarist starting to shred I'd appreciate some advice on deciding whether to go for the epiphone or the Ibanez both at the same price range. I have the amps and pedals that should handle a metal distortion sound all I need now is a good low end guitar.

Thank you for your input and advice.

Personals: I'm currently playing Metallica, Megadeth material.
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You've literally asked exactly what you're asking right now on that account earlier today in your other thread.

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Try the Epiphone Casino, it's perfect for thrash.
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My big concern with Epis would be the pickups, to be honest. I owned a G-400 for three years, and it sounded good, don't get me wrong, but it was very quick to get muddy.
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I used my Les Paul custom plus for metal. While the standard Epiphone USA pickups aren't that bad (they give great cleans), they didn't give me that clear sound I was looking for. Might be different for thrash though.
The other thing that made me switch guitars was the fairly thick neck most Epiphones have.