Hello, I'm new here, and lately I've been working on a solo American Post-Rock project (Nothing released yet), and the time has come for me to look for new members, the sound I intend to drive this project towards would be more oriented to a darker sound, but no stranger to lighter sounds too. The biggest influences on me are This Will Destroy You, Caspian, Mogwai, and Sigur Ros.
The current members are myself, doing Keys/synths, guitar, drums, programming and mixing, and an inactive (busy) guitarist.
I am looking for:
Another Guitarist,
Cellist/violinist (someone who could do both would be great!)
A bassist,
A Drummer,
if anyone is at all interested, respond to this post or email me at: Siarnaq972@gmail.com
I might be interested depending on where you are located and what age range of musician you are looking for
Weast? What kind of compass are you reading lad?
We're located in Minnesota, U.S. (for now), age range is 17-21, I'd say. Email me if you have more questions, again it's Siarnaq972@gmail.com
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