Sorry if this is the wrong place, due to being a new member I'm unable to post in the guitar specific section! Regardless, I was wondering if I could get some advice?

I've just recently started getting back into the guitar (more specifically recording and producing) and am looking for a good quality, great sounding guitar to see me into the future.

Currently I have three electric guitars - two of which I'm going to sell; an Ibanez SA260, a Vintage Les Paul knockoff and an awful Stratocaster copy. Each of these has a problem, the Ibanez goes out of tune far too easily to record consistently, the Vintage needs work (pretty bad pickups and a lot of fret buzz) and the Strat copy is just terrible.

I've learned from my earlier mistakes to spend just a little more on a guitar in order to have a decent quality one as opposed to something I'll just have to replace further down the line.

Budget: Probably around £1000, potentially more.

Favourite Artists: Beach Boys at the top, I love the surf guitar sound (so was looking into Eastwood guitars). However I also want something versatile enough to play rock and blues and some shoegaze too.

Preferences: I love Archtops - particularly the Gretsch hollowbody look, sound and generally everything about it. I'd want to use gain though; without super feedback a hollowbody can cause - therefore the Gretsch Electromatic range seemed a good compromise (price wise and gain friendly). The Eastwood left handed range looked decent too. Would like a tremolo.

Pickups: Probably passive Humbuckers, not entirely sure about configuration.

New or used.

Location: Southern England

Current Gear: Boss GT-10 Effects Pedalboard, Roland Quad Capture (audio interface), Marshall MG15DFX. The three previously mentioned electric guitars and a good quality Hudson Electro Acoustic.
I mainly use logic to record and provide amps/preamps/effects.

From my own research the Gretsch Electromatic range looks pretty good, as does the Eastwood left handed range though I've heard Eastwood quality is sometimes sketchy?

I'd love to try them out but being left handed that seems pretty problematic, I might just have to buy online....

Many thanks!
For that kinda money man id just save a few hundred and get a squier 50s classic vibe. They are of astounding quality for the money and according to Dick Dale "King of surf music" Surf music is a stratocaster guitar played through a fender showman amp. But hey man whos to say you cant mix things up? Id definitely recommend looking into a new higher end squier or even an American standard if you like but youll find both are of near equal quality with a big price difference.