So, as you may or may not know, Epiphone guitars generally offer good bang for your buck. However, the electronics (and quality control) are one of their most notable shortcomings. My pickup switch is now starting to give a crackling sound (and sometimes, no sound at all) and the wiring job also looks pretty terrible.

So I thought it's time to replace it. All of it. But I could do with some advice since I'm a total n00b when it comes to this sorta thing. What I need to know is: What kind of volume and tone pots would be best (log/lin, 250/500 K, long/short shaft, which brand (I was thinking CTS???)) and which 3-way toggle switch would be good?

I should probably mention my Epi is a 2011/12 LP Standard Plus Top with the normal 2 humbuckers. (I already replaced the output jack, in case you were wondering.) Any advice would be welcome!
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cracking can be fixed with contact cleaner I've been told

500k pots for humbuckers, CTS. A500k all across the board and do the 1950s wiring and you're set. If you use push pulls use Dimarzio or Alpha for extra mods if your pickups have more than 2 wires.

Paper in oil USSR surplus 0.047uf capacitors I'd use, use heat sinks on the capacitors to make sure you don't burst them. Orange drop capacitors come up a lot. But Sprague or Mallory are two really good brands.

wire wise cloth wire or nickle braided is usually the best
copper shielding helps big time for more clarity if you're going to replace all the guts
switch wise the kind gibson sells perhaps as it's an epiphone but the ones on ebay that aren't the metal boxes I've had good luck with

for tone controls you can honestly go with anything, the higher the value say 1000k instead of 500k you get more control

and finally . tone controls don't have to be just treble cutting
you can use an audio transformer with an inductance above 0.5h (500mh) to scoop mids
or the fender greasebucket mod for cutting the bass instead for two different sounds, this is a tone knob i actually use. It gives more clarity and gets rid of the noise in high gain settings.

the greasebucket costs under 1$ to do if you can somehow get access to a 4.7k , 0.1uf and 0.022uf capacitor. It's an easy mod to get on google.

Schecter, LTD , Agile and the odd used PRS , Dean or Jackson for under 500$ you get a lot of bang for your buck I've played and owned it all.

ground is still the same way on a modern wiring schematic but notice how the capacitors are soldered in. This retains the treble as you turn the volume down. If you don't touch the volumes ever stick to modern wiring.

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Well, thanks for the reply. A500K pots are logarithmic ones right? My pickups aren't push/pull btw, just looking for the standard wiring, really.
"Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough not to quit." - George Carlin