Hi guys,
i dont know if im posting this in the right thread so if this isnt the place please tell me.
I want to try out rocksmith 2014 with my new guitar but i dont want to pay for a game with alot of dlc and a special cable for it (i also dont have the money). i know there is a no cable crack but my dad told me that connecting a guitar with a converter to a 3.5mm will not be good for it. i can also connect my guitar to my amp and from there to my pc using the output used for the headphones and so but im afraid it will fry my amp or something (i use a blackstar id:core 20). can anyone help me out?
I can answer part of your question for you, connecting the headphone out of the amp to the microphone in on the computer isn't going to do any harm to either.

If you had a 50W tube amp and you sent the power amp into the computer then yeah that would fry both.

Whether it will sound any good though I would suspect probably not.