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I like fruits and rootbeer. On the other hand I also like chicken, pork, beef, etc. I'd have to pick sugar.
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Sugar cuz I did it successfully for a long time and there are plenty of sugar substitutes available.
I guess sugar, since I've been trying to cut my sugar consumption lately and continuing to eat food with salt. It's proven to be extremely difficult. My favourite flavour of ice cream is in the freezer and I've craved soft drinks every day.
Sugar cuz sugar is a carb. I don't know what salt is, like an element or sumthin.
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No substitutes allowed, never being able to sweeten or salt anything else ever again :0

Oh well I'd still pick sugar because even when I wasn't eating sugar I wasn't a fan of the substitutes anyway. Plus my grandpa had to avoid salt and sugar for the last 40 years of his life and he definitely missed salt more so it might be a family thing right
I could cope without salt. But a life without sugar just wouldn't be worth living.
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sugar i guess, how would i food if not for salt
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I'd ditch sugar, so much worse for you than salt or so they say.
A poem.
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Sugar cuz sugar is a carb. I don't know what salt is, like an element or sumthin.

A compound.

Sugar, in its various forms, is also a compound though
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I don't know what salt is, like an element or sumthin.


...modes and scales are still useless.

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I have a crazy sweet tooth and quite often don't bother putting salt on stuff anyway.

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I go with salt.
I have some high blood pressure so it would be even better for me. Regarding flavor, sweet stuff is much better too. If you want some "flavoury" thingy, drop salt and go get some umami (whatever that is, but I heard it's tasty)

You mean MSG. Absolutely vital in east Asian cuisine

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Acually is NaCl
You do realize if you actually did ditch one of them, youd die, slowly.
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NaCl is table salt tho. salts are basically ionic compounds. so a metal + nonmetal

Although it's possibly biologically impossible to function without either, I'd do without salts because I love sweets way too much. but I'm pretty sure the creation of sweets involves salts so...


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No substitutes allowed, never being able to sweeten or salt anything else ever again :0

What? Man f*ck this poll then. I'm glad I don't live in your fascist world.
sugar easily

imma go off the board here and give up both spicy and sour as my s things instead
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No spicy and sour food = no life (and I only would've had plain rice for dinner tonight)
I'd dump sugar. It's horrible for the body anyway. Salt isn't fattening like sugar.

I could dump the sweet foods, but savory salty foods...forget it, not giving those up. Fried chicken with salt/pepper = better than any sweet stuff.
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I'd dump sugar. It's horrible for the body anyway.

No, it's actually essential for the body. Far from 'horrible', it fuels the processes that subconsciously run your body and keep you alive.

Salt isn't fattening like sugar.

Sugar isn't fattening either, unless people ingest too much.

Your post is a prime example of simplified 'health warnings' designed to trick the scientifically illiterate into living slightly healthier lifestyles.
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you will die without salt eventually

Agreed. Salt and sugar are important to our bodies, and they play essential roles. So life without sugar or salt=no life/hard life
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You literally couldn't live without salt or sugar. Worst thread ever imo.

Other than this comment, this thread makes me want to chop my **** off.
I, too, answer with "But you can't!" when presented with a hypothetical. But not before adjusting my suspenders and pushing up my eyeglasses.
I could probably go without sugar without much of a problem if I had to. Salts too important for seasoning food to give up.
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