There are certain extra guitar parts and effects that I'd like to sample in my band's live performance, so I figured I can just go into Reaper and make a mock-up of our entire set, with the click track panned all the way to the left (for our drummer), and extra guitar parts and effects panned to the right, to be played over the PA speakers. This way, the entire set runs on one track and everything's clean and tidy. I plan on putting the track on my ipod. Can this work? And how exactly do I pull it off? I've heard I get like a splitter cable and run one line to the drummers earbuds and the other line to the speakers. Do I just give the one line to the sound guy? What if he's located across the room? I don't know how the process goes. Help would be appreciated, thanks
It could work but you'll run out of flexibility fast. What most acts do is run Ableton Live and hook up a multi channel interface and run individual mixes to the drummer and to the house (and whoever else needs a mix)