Hi guys this is my first post, here is a song I've recently done that as my title suggests has CRAZY saxophone and a gospel singer...but is metal...

Would love any opinions on the matter :P

FORD - Soap (Original)
Hello there.

This is certainly an interesting mix of styles. The guitar tone gives me an old school nu metal vibe - kinda early slipknot with a dash of early machine head sound. It's a cool sound. The vocals are good but I think they would fit better into the track if they were complimented by a male vocal doing a more metal sound in some places - I think it would bridge between the styles a bit. The sax is cool but suffers a little from that brass instrument flatness that seems to be so difficult to avoid. The solo is sweet too.

The mix is pretty bang on - did you do it all yourself? It sounds like a pro recording.

If you fancy some C4C - heres my latest creation

Thanks guys, yeah I was going for a kinda Shining-esque mental-ness to a bunch of Vol. 3 style riffs I had knocking around.

And the mix is all me, I do offer online Mixing/Mastering if there is any interest here:


As soon as I get off work I'll check out you guys' tunes, but thanks for the feedback!