Hi guitar playing friends!

So this site was totally invaluable in my years learning guitar, so I thought I'd see if this fab community might be able to help with my masters project.

I'm a music and neuroscience student. I'm doing a study which investigates how people's musical preferences might affect the relationship between tolerance of complex rhythms and liking of rhythmically complex music.

It's basically about syncopation, and depending on what music you love the most, it might have an affect on your tolerance for highly syncopated music.

All that's involved is completing a short survey which assesses your musical preferences, what genre's you like and dislike. Then you may be invited (via email) to take part in a longer survey where you do some beat tracking tasks and answer some questions about music genres. This is all online, it's with Goldsmiths University in London and it has full ethical approval!

If you're interested in the subject just let me know and I'll send you some background literature

Here's the link for the survey:


It only takes 4 minutes! I hope you find it interesting and fun!