Is it bad for the tubes or the circuitry inside the amps for having two amp heads stacked together? or should i have one of the amp heads on the floor?

I see some people doing that so I think that'd be fine but im not sure though.

Also my cabinet has two inputs for 16 ohms, does that mean i can connect both amps through that switch?

Im not going to plan on running both amp heads simultaneously .
It'd be fine to have both heads sitting on top of each other as long as their is no risk of a fall. I have done it with plenty of amps.

As far as the cabinet, I'm a bit confused: do you just want to have both amps plugged in at all times but only use the one at a time?

What cabinet is it?
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As long as there’s enough air moving around to keep the head on the bottom from causing the head on top to overheat you should be fine.
If the two inputs on the cab are simply wired in parallel, then no, you can't. You could only do it if they are stereo jacks. ie. one drives half the speakers only.
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It is more likely what Cathbard says that they are not meant as two inputs but are prarallel "in" and "out" jacks to go to another cabinet? Be careful. I never cared much for that burning electrical smell.
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