Why are old school death metal album classics so underrepresented on this site?

Metal is definitely well represented on this site, but for some reason I've noticed that there are either almost no tabs or only very incomplete and inaccurate tabs for most of the classic old school death metal albums and their songs on this site. Does anyone know why this is the case? Is it because the recordings are too murky for people to make out for accurate tabbing? Is it because old school death metal is considered too simple anyways (people should be able to learn the songs by ear) so therefore people think time is better spent tabbing out prog metal and melodic metal instead? (I mention melodic metal because there are a lot of awesome In Flames tabs on Ultimate Guitar!)

There is however one surprising exception to my observation and that is that all of Terrorizer's songs from their World Downfall album (my favorite album of all time) have been tabbed out very accurately by someone! I feel like those tabs have helped me develop my playing style so much. Now everything I write sounds kind of like Terrorizer mixed in with all of the other stuff I listen to haha

Examples of classic old school death metal albums with next to no good tabs for them on the site:

Morbid Angel -- Altars of Madness ; out of all the albums I listed I think it would be the coolest to have all the songs off this album tabbed out perfectly. I have always wanted to play Morbid Angel's "Suffocation," especially the verse riff and the interlude riff thing after the first verse; the verse riff in "Damnation," as well as the verse and chorus riff in "Lord of all Fevers and Plague." The main riff in "Evil Spells" is awesome as well

Suffocation -- Effigy of the Forgotten ; none of the tabs for this album have Mike Smith's drum beats tabbed out

Bolt Thrower -- Realm of Chaos, and Warmaster

Carcass -- Symphonies of Sickness

Grave -- Into the Grave

Immolation -- Dawn of Possession ; I thought this band was really popular with the extreme metal crowd so I was actually really surprised to see like no tabs for this band and their classic album on Ultimate Guitar. I have the same thoughts regarding Incantation, which I thought was really popular as well

Incantation -- Onward to Golgatha

Repulsion -- Horrified

And in general there are like no tabs for the following classic death metal bands:

Jungle Rot




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I prefer the old school death metal, the new stuff can be pretty boring since it's constant technicality and blast beats. Necrophagia is my favorite death metal band but there are like 4 tabs so I've had to learn everything else by ear and there's still some songs by them that are too difficult. That reminds me, I should tab out Reborn Through Black Mass. We need more death metal tabs!
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Little or no interest? If no one is listening to or playing those tunes they won't get tabbed. Wanna be the OSDM tabber?
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