take me down to the pond
leave a leaky station.

undesirable a tang of pine
build up a raspy dew
sink a few teeth
likeliness of you.

feel the waves move up and down.
Rhythmic mystery
I'm more flexible then I thought.

heard I've been waiting
to be stopped into my shoes.

oh, and I only wonder
oh, and I was only curious
oh, I only wanted your shoulders
oh, and I only wonder.

I'll teach you patience.
Dig my nails into your jugular.
Let me take your breath away,
I'll make you beg for mercy
Look into my eyes,
know your time has come,
for sunny days
and meadows.

Hands on your back
I'll guide you into my cellar.
Thank you very much. I don't feel like it is my best piece but defiantly one that projects anger. (unlike most that I have written)
I love how visible your feeling are in this one, it differs quite much from your other works, and I think that's a good thing. Keep up the good work