Who the fuck are these blokes.

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
Never heard of the band, couldn't give less of a ****.
Dear god, MetalSucks has become a load of awful SJW bullshit, hasn't it?

Yes, Ovid's Withering was ok. Yes, this is unfortunate and undefendable. Yes, the guitarist should go through the justice system to determine if he did what they said he did and be forced to face the consequences. No, I don't really care about them breaking up.
Front Porch Step also tried it on with teenage girls lol

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Well at least his band members were quick to condemn him and sever all ties with him.Never heard of them tho.
Why would they quit the band if they're just gonna start another one that does the same exact thing lol
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If you are white, you are scum.
I liked the authors top notch journalism.
Instead of investigating facts he just goes "yeh he probably did it"
Journalism is dead
they should have pedo fest on some rock in the middle of the ocean gather all the pedofiles across the world then bomb it repeatedly...
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