Hey all,

I plan on recording a couple of my high-gain amps while capturing more of a 'live' tone (staying away from my existing Shure SM57, Sennheiser e609/MD421, Suhr Reactive Load, etc).

I tried the iPhone 6 route... until I finally admitted to myself the sound quality is severely lacking! Today I've narrowed my choices to the Zoom H5, Zoom H6, Tascam DR-22WL, Tascam DR-44WL, Roland R26, and Olympus LS-14. There's a good chance I'd purchase all 6 from Guitar Center / Sweetwater, compare the overall audio quality for each, then return all except 1.

Does anyone here have experience with the above? Any suggestions?

Live tone?
You mean you want to record what you hear in the room?

Get a good mic and place it in the rooms.
I'd suggest a C414 for this application.

You may want to get a good sounding room first, and that will set you back of more than the 414.
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Not sure what you mean, do you mean recording yourself while you play in a club?

For home recording I'd also suggest doing it the current way and if you want to capture more room, a condenser would do.

Look up soundonsound.com and do a search on all these, they'll have professional reviews.

I've worked with the Roland and the quality hasn't been lacing. Other people I know love the Zoom range, and the Olympus got raving reviews so all of them are good. If you want mic options though, the Zoom range is the most flexible.
If you want to capture more room sound just move your 57 away from the amp and experiment with placement. If you want a stereo recording, the Zoom H1 works great to capture live gigs. Just depends on exactly what you plan to do. Buying a tool without a clear specific plan will probably disappoint.
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