I've started to play more and more finger picking style and have noticed that as I start to play faster I am starting to produce more squeaking from my tips on the picking hand. My searches have only found resolving squeaks on the fretting hand. Any help would be appreciated.
Never heard of such a thing. I would evaluate my playing technique. Tell us more....Are you using bare fingers? Nail and flesh? (classical technique) Fingerpicks?
What's your hand position?
Ya, idk I've never come across this. I've actually never found excessive squeaking ever to be a problem at all. I'd have to see/hear it to know.
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Sounds normal to me, but some strings are more noisy than others also. I think if you try some nanoweb elixirs you will find they don't quite have as much of that sort of sound.
Only thing I can think of is your nails touching one of the resonating strings, causing something like an artificial harmonic to sound out.

Is that it?
No, my nails do not extend past the flesh of my fingers. I have been playing with the skin on my finger tips and that is what causes the noise to occur. It is loud enough that my wife asked what that squeaking noise was.
Yeah I hear it. It's from your fingers sliding along the wound strings, making the same squeak that people normally get from shifting their left hands around on the strings. Try picking the wound strings more perpendicularly, instead of on an angle like you are now.
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