Hello, this is something I've been thinking about for a while and thought I'd ask for opinions:

I have a fairly cheap acoustic guitar, and despite that it really plays and sounds very nice (plus I have an enormous sentiment for it as it's the guitar I essentially learned to play on). The only thing that's been kind of bugging me is that the tuning stability leaves a little to be desired - it's not disastrous, but it really could be better, especially after a bit of harder picking. The tuners are also kind of clunky to operate, sometimes randomly having a lot of resistance or "skipping" in a weird way.

Therefore I've been thinking, is it a reasonable idea to replace them with better quality tuners, like Grover for example? I'm aware that there's more to tuning stability than just tuners, so the question is if there's likely to be a significant improvement after this kind of upgrade.

For comparison, I have an electric with a set of Grovers and the difference is enormous (also from my other, cheaper electric with cheaper tuners), they work far more smoothly and it stays in tune far better even with pretty light strings.

Thanks in advance for any replies
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It sounds more like a nut binding problem than a tuning hardware problem. It would be a shame to change them out and still have the same issues. Check the nut for narrow grooves causing string bind and lube it with a little graphite or sewing machine oil to see if this solves he problem.
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I could take a closer look at the nut, although it seems pretty fine to me. I remember it's been pretty much always the same though, even when the guitar was new.
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There's no point in trying to convince a moron.
It probably isn't the tuners. I've used some really clunky tuners, and they work fine unless they actually break, and that is a sudden failure. I would lay odds it is the nut.

My favourite tuners are Schallers and Gotohs, but in your case, if you do change them, I would try and find ones with matching screw holes, and the same post hole diameter.
If you go to Stewmac:http://www.stewmac.com/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw0ZauBRDOnoGQ2PTb9YoBEiQAQ6m_7LjnSFlngzGd-fTZgOr41F5gDSZOeJ4ulGb5rnIClaIaAq-q8P8HAQ
You'll find not only a fine selection of tuners but instructions for making sure you get the right size.
If you get the right ones, it's generally a drop-in replacement. Be careful with those little-bitty screws however...They are damned easy to break off.

As noted, make sure your nut slots are not binding...If you have a plastic nut, it may have worn a bit and a replacement of a harder material like bone might help considerably.
Thanks for replies, in that case I'll take a closer look at the nut again. If I don't find anything weird, I might actually do this.
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There's no point in trying to convince a moron.
As mentioned many places on this forum, method of winding the string on the posts can be critical for keeping in tune. Have a good 90 deg kink at the post hole, wind one wrap above the hole, the rest below. You don't need expensive tuners to keep in tune (you could spend more for the tuners than the guitar's worth)but they're nice, no doubt.
I've replaced most of my nuts and bridges with antler.