I prefer to have 24 frets and was wondering if any company sold a Les Paul style guitar with 24 frets. I saw Gibson was selling a 24 fret SG but didn't see a Les Paul, does it exist?
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Ah thank you, I'll have to get one soon
Baby Joel's rabbit profile picture is kinda cute. #TeamJOEL
A few of them have them. The Gibson Buckethead LP rocks 24. The LP standard double cuts had 24 and they made an LP Baritone Studio with 24 frets. The Prophecy ones are the easiest LP to find with 24 frets I would imagine.

ESP/LTD might have a few Eclipse shapes that have 24 frets and if you want to go custom, Agile could probably make you one however you would like it.

Really though, Gibson wise, you don't have many options if 24 fret LP is your criteria. If you don't need 24 then you open up way more doors.
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Several companies sell 24 fret LP style single-cuts, like the Ibanez ARZ Iron Label but Gibson actually does make one, the Buckethead LP.
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I would prefer LTD anyways, I was looking at the EC series a long time ago but I never bought one because I always assumed they all only had 22 frets
Baby Joel's rabbit profile picture is kinda cute. #TeamJOEL
The actual ESP Eclipse only has 22 frets. IRC only the LTDs and a few sig models have the 24 frets.
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There are plenty of builders that make them. Dave McNaught will make you a single cut with 24 frets.
That Agile AL-2000 Floyd (and some of the Agile AL-3100 Floyds) are 24-fret, with a "tilted" neck heel that works almost as well as the Axcess neck heel. I have one of the AL-2000 Floyds: