ok the song's not bad. i thought that the fx on the vocals was kinda distracting and made the lyrics hard to understand in parts. the vocals were well done from a singing standpoint though. if this was done like an old beatles song i think it would benifit. some jangly electric guitar as well as some drums and bass. good effort

i haven't had time to record anything new in ages but a link to some of my stuff in profile if you want to give it a listen.
The guitar sounds great but the vocals have too much reverb for my taste. I really do enjoy your voice, though. You've got a good sound. I do wish there was a break down somewhere in there where some drums and bass come in along with some electric guitar, that would be awesome. All in all this is very well done, good sir!

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Another folk type song I like it. I liked the melody and the chord structure. I appreciate how hard it is to get a good acoustic guitar sound recorded. I know the equipment I have a cannot do it I've tried and tried and tried. The acoustic in this one sounds a little bit better than my efforts but it still sounds dull. I'm saying it's not a $5000 Gibson right?
Yes, I think everyone's going to tell you there's too much reverb. I hate to tell you this because I hate being the devil's advocate and sounding like a jerk. There is a pitch problem with your vocals. That's okay you're not a natural, just work on that. I've struggled with trying to be able to sing too. I'm not a natural born singer either.
Just listening to the melody and the chord pattern on this work I feel the basis is there to make a great song.
Thanks for the feedback guys, I think once this is recorded professionally with drums, bass etc. I can get a nice little break down in there somewhere... And the reverb haha I know I really struggled to cut it out on this I think it was because I recorded the song with a blues vocal effect it gave me a harder job to get it to sit right in the mix because I just felt it was so tinny but thank you for the great feedback ill crit your tracks too
Crisp chords slip into heavily ambienced almost sprechgesang vocal. The liberal almost metallic reverb effect is a feature in itself, although I do wonder if it's somewhat overdone a little. Perhaps it would work better with a full band backing, but with just the acoustic it's a little overpowering.
Still, the song is well sung, with a confident lyrical delivery. A catchy, snappy number with some pretty poetical juxtapositions.
I think this neat song would benefit from a fuller production, with the current well played and sung parts filled out with extra instruments to create the fuller richer sound with dynamic development that this piece deserves.
Still, an appealing song that definitely sticks with repeated listening.
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