Ok, so i've had a read through the recording for beginners stuff, and was gonna post this here, but it would be classed as necrophilia I think...

Basically, as a student on a tight budget, i've been looking at getting back into songwriting, and i'm just looking to record some basic ideas, before I end up forgetting them - my question is, there's only about a £10 difference between the two POD interfaces, but is one significantly better than the other? Also, they really ARE just a stop-gap till I get the cash together for something better, i'm aware they won't work miracles...it's mostly gonna be recording bass, electric guitar, and possibly acoustic if I can get some pickups put in it
The pod interfaces are a bad investment in any case.

If you're on a very tight budget get an unbranded guitar link, it will sound just about the same.
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