Hi all, I'm in the process of writing this and have been for a while. Basically looking for any and all feedback as it's a slow mover and I was intrigued as to what people think of it, might help me finish it up in the near future.

We gave sentience meaning;
Our first Freudian slip
We talk of our failings with satirical jest
But, when the feeling's raw, let the record skip

So I'm going to write with my left hand
And I'm going to scrawl on this page
The non-sequitous ramblings of a teenage relapse;
Born in the 90s, but with 70s rage

And we'll have our own lock-in
For the lost and the bored
For those who lived on the edge by lying on the tracks
But never questioned the "thrill" in lying on their backs

So let's write of our troubles
And embellish our woes
And note the tedious twang we feel
As we're faced with a narcisistic drone

Because we've wrestled contentment
And we've fought common sense
We've tried to slip with the coarsest floor beneath our feet
To prove fate smothers intent