I've started trying to learn Andy McKee's 'Art of Motion'. I've played songs with tapping/percussion before, but I haven't come across this before:

The part I've highlighted I'm unsure about, how would you play the 'A' string while simultaneously doing a percussive tap?
Mute it with your fretting hand?
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Mute it with your fretting hand?

This. In this case the x-symbol represents a dead note (not a percussive tap), achieved by plucking the string while muting it with the fretting hand.
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Andy Mckee doesn't play it exactly like this tab, but as the others have said it's a dead note, much like in his cover of tight trite night. This riff it really doesn't matter how you play it, Andy fiddles around with it all the time, it's simply about getting a cool percussive groove going, it's not important how you do it.
I'd lightly touch the low E string to mute it with my third finger if that helps. But don't mute the 5th or 7th frets as you might get a harmonic. Also you'd have to 'curve' your fingers so you don't touch the A strings.
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You can do this by slapping the 6th string with your thumb while simultaneously striking the 5th with the back of your index finger nail.