Hello everyone
We are act of war records we are a local record label started 4 months ago we have made some great progress, Signing a few other artists and shooting videos/interviews
and getting a few of our artists featured in a local music news paper,
I myself play bass/Rap/Produce And Direct we Mainly focus on Metal / Rap/Hip-hop
Alot of the people in our home town just don't like us or are focused on there own style so I decided to try to take it to the internet to try to share our work with other hard working artist.

you can find us on facebook and soundcloud


I look Forward to joing!
I'd double-check the rules regarding advertising here, you may be in breach of them.
A poem.
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sorry about that but i just wanted to introduce myself and thats pretty much all I do lol but I wont advertise again until I caN POST ELSEwhere