I went in to guitar center just to get strings and sticks today and as always walked through the used room. There sat a MIJ Jackson with EMG'S and a Floyd for $250. Few battle wounds but played nice. I only had $50 on me. I might go back and get it. What are your thoughts?
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What kind of MIJ Jackson is it? What model?

If you haven't bought it yet though, it may well have already sold.
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If it's an orig Floyd then the pups and hardware is nearly worth the price alone. If you like the guitar it's definitely worth getting!
Unlikely that it's got an OFR unless someone changed it. Japanese Jacksons usually had licensed Floyds.
MIJ Jacksons are generally very nice, especially for the price.

The most common super start shape with a Floyd and EMGs is the DKMG. Some have the active 81/85s and others have the passive EMGHZ. The 3 knob ones have the EMG afterburner in them also.
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