I just can't seem to properly intonate my high E string. The 12th fret note is flat relative to the open string, which means I should be shortening the length between the 12th and the saddle ,right? I do this, and the screw becomes too loose and the saddle won't move any further, and the pitch is still very, disgustingly flat. I'm going to bring it in for a setup if I can't fix it myself, but I would rather save the $50-$75. What should i do?
If it has room to go forward it will, you have to loosen all the tension on the string if it's a pointy saddle, depends on the type
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Yes, the saddle needs to go forwards. What kind of bridge is it?

Oops i should have included this. it's a 2013 american standard fender strat. so whatever bridge that has.
First, replace the string. You might just have a weird string and nothing can fix that.

Then measure the distance from the nut to the twelfth fret, double that, and set the saddle that far from the bridge. Stretch the string out and let it sit overnight. Set the intonation again the next day.