Great work! I do however think that you should work on your bends - this is what makes Gilmour one of the most special guitarists out there. A pitch perfect bend is really hard to do, especially when you go up 2 - 2 ½ steps, without any vibrato.
Pretty good job man! This is one of my favorite solos of all time. Your tone and rhythm and notes were good, but I agree about the bending. Sometimes you didn't bend all the way to the proper note, or you got there a bit late. Just keep listening to Gilmour and try to match his bends exactly.
third to chime in about the bending. I know it's not always easy to bend that low on the fretboard on the d and a strings--i find it's easier on the spot of the fretboard to pull down instead of pushing the string up. was pretty good otherwise
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