Hello all, I am somewhat of a noob, but I recently just acquired a new guitar that was a huge step up from my last. Went from some crappy ibanez starter to a gibson les paul studio. I also bought a new Fender Mustang I which I initially loved, but I am now that I have a little more experience, I am starting to realize it sounds like ass. While playing there seems to be a lot of extra noise that makes the sound not so clean. This noise doesn't exist If I feed the audio line into other speakers, It only happens when I play it through the amp. It alos only happens when Im using higher gain. It gets worse the louder I turn the amp up to the point where it just sounds awful (past 4-5 on the knob). Do you think something could be wrong with the amp or is it just a cheaper amp and destine to be like that? I've considered it being my playing being crap as well, but It sounds amazing when I have it going through speakers so I think I can rule that out.
Sounds like your expecting far to big a sound from a small speaker i think its 8 inch? I personally own a mustang 3 and it is absolutely sweet. Something alot of people dont realize about the mustang amps is this. They are a modelling amp so that means its trying to mimic a plethora of other amps (does this very well) and all of the amps its modelling are all tube amps in reality. So in the software of the amp it is programmed to try and act like a tube amp....ie: the harder its driven the more it breaks up. The mustang series does this to great effect on the older "clean" amps of yesteryear like the twin reverb etc...but on the higher gain amps like the "metal 2000" or the other already high gain amps this....what im dubbing "artificial natural breakup" can cause some seriously strange overtones that shouldnt be there. But its actually doing what its supposed to lol.....so just try backing the gain off a little when increasing the volume. And remember it is a small speaker.