Love the arrangement! If you want it to sound more similar to the original, I think some of the leads could be played with more staccato (~1:10). Also, it seemed that different parts were getting mixed over top of the melody, mind that. Great job! As a big Star Wars fan, I love this, thanks for posting.
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Piano dick had some good parts, but should have said "As the business man slowly gets boned", would have accented the whole dick feeling of the album
Thanks everyone !

Most_Triumphant Thanks for the advice ! Yeah I've had a hard time mixing this, I'm clearly no sound engineer so it sounds messy at times ^^" Anyway I'm glad you like it !
Recorded all of the parts on this? More than spectacularly awesome, a wonderment I don't know how someone can be this good, it's beyond me. Definitely like your guitar playing and your guitar too!