Hi everyone, I am really interested in getting a 12 string for the depth of sound. The guitar I am looking at is the, "Luna Guitar Heartsong 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar With USB Natural"

Here are the specifications:

Body: Grand concert
Top: Select spruce
Back & Sides: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood
Preamp/Tuner: B-Band T35
Output: 1/4" + USB*
Scale: 25-1/2"
Nut Size: 1-13⁄16″ Nubone
Finish: Satin

Information regarding the "B-Band T35"
--Fully chromatic LCD / LED tuner with wide range and fast response
--Tuner ON/OFF button (tuner can be used without preamp being plugged-in)
--HZZLess low noise / high output circuit
--3-band EQ
--LED low battery and "blink" switch-on status

Has anybody played on this guitar before, and if so, how was it?!

And if you haven't, can anybody explain the specifications listed above? I don't know how to interpret the information really. I.E. I don't know what to expect with a mahogany body, or rosewood fret-board (or any of that really).

I like the USB port function and the look of the guitar (although looks don't really matter to me). I'm mostly interested in the sound I may be getting and what I can expect from the quality and life span of this guitar.

Information regarding my style of playing. I play a lot of fingerstyle arranged music and use various flamenco and percussive guitar techniques to add some spice (think artists like John Gomm, Mike Dawes, but just not nearly at their level...yet!). I am also starting to get into two handed tapping to add an even more polyphonic sound to my playing.

-Will the Luna guitar stand up against flamenco/percussive techniques over time (most guitars do I believe, just want to know in case it might not).
--How easy is it to produce tone using tapping techniques
--How do the harmonics come out on this brand of guitar
--Overall sound quality & life span
--Am I getting a good deal for what I am paying (350$)

Here are the links to the guitar manufacturer (Luna), and the retail franchise (guitar center) I will be ordering it from.

Link to Luna website regarding heartsong 12 string: http://www.lunaguitars.com/acousticproduct/song12.php

Guitar center profile: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Luna-Guitars-Heartsong-12-String-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-With-USB-H96761-i3080074.gc
I think in this case, "select spruce", is most likely a euphemism for "laminated spruce". Better check.

Across the board, Luna is more concerned with looks than sound. They probably have a few models worth trying, and many, many that aren't.

I would try Takamine and Yamaha for lower priced 12 strings, and the Seagull S-12 ot Taylor 150e for a little more upscale options. (Seagull S-12 about $600.00 US and Taylor 150e about $750.00 US).

The Seagull has a solid cedar top, and hence should be reasonably mellow as 12 strings go. The Taylor is quite spitty and bright, no getting around it. It's solid Sitka spruce over the "slightly brighter than real mahogany", sapele.
Quote by Tony Done
^^^^ I really liked the Taylor 150E when I tried it, decent tone and comfortable to play. Also the bolt-on neck. As you say, Luna seem to go in for form rather than function.
Well, we don't know what the projected budget is for this tapping, finger picking, banging, flamenco extravaganza.

I predict a some Chinese music will be played frequently as well. Especially the popular Chinese 12 string folk song, "Tu Ning Nau".

If you just want something to bang on, I'm going to say Epiphone DR-212.