so lately i've been listening to spawn of possession lately, and I really enjoy the song Apparition, I really like the technical aspect of it but also the mood that they create which is spooky/dark to me. I just have no clue what they're doing when it comes to music theory, I wonder if they're using a ton of theory here or is it something that I haven't been exposed to?
hopefully you guys can help me with what any concepts that they may be doing that I just don't know? I care more about the harmony part of it than the techniques they're using etc. I really enjoy it, just want to learn more! thanks

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Mood is vague and subjective. Is there a specific part you want to focus on? Considering the song is 8.5 minutes long.
the intro withthe synths and the riff that's at 1:50 are most intriguing to me, I'm jsut more curious about chord progressions they're using, they don't sound common
@BJoel: not in E-flat minor you don't


Cm D(add6) Bdim7 Bb

Cm G7/B Fm/C G

Underlined are pre-dominant chords of sorts (D is a secondary dominant)
Bold are dominant function chords of sorts. (bVII-i is very common in popular music.)

The second part of the intro is exceedingly normal. The first part is a bit out of the ordinary in its progression, but it follows voice-leading stuff (not including stuff going to and from C):

Cm C Eb G
D6 D F# A B
Bdim7 D F Ab B
Bb D F Bb

The other part is just going between Cm and Bdim stuff. Tonic to dominant function over and over.

- the sound is just... muddy. I don't enjoy stuff like this, sorry.
- listen to more things, particularly things that have cleaner and clearer harmonies and learn from those.
Why would you listen to Spawn of Possession when there are better tech death bands though. Why does it even matter what they're doing in terms of music theory anyway?
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thanks man, I get the second part, but not the intro still. Do you have any recommendations of things to listen to which might be cleaner ?
Secondary dominants and IV as predominant:


Chorus (1:00, simplified): C | F C | Am D | G | C
I IV I vi V/V V I

If you're talking about voice leading, try this (it's not simple at all, but it's cleaner):


Gonna focus on the bridge starting at 1:56, around "better listen to me now":

Gbm Db [B]Db/F Dbdim/Fb Ebm7[/B]
Better listen to me now
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1

The bolded chords have many notes in common:

Db/F: F Ab Db
Dbdim/Fb: Fb Abb Db
Ebm7: Eb Gb Bb Db

With the common note Db, the other notes descend smoothly like a ladder. The intro you linked has chords that also share a note (D). That note makes transitioning between the chords rather smooth.

Hope that explains things better.
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The riffs are like a lot of times better.

I love suffocation. I've seen them live. I like a lot of metal. Its my favorite genre since i was 13. Obscura is still my favorite technical death metal band.
Thanks for the examples I'lldeff listen when I'm on my computer.I familiar with secondary dominants but new to voice leading