Hello everyone,
I was so glad to see that there was a great dedicated topic in this area. However, I am still very confused and in doubt regarding my next consumptions.

I am looking forward to start recording song on my songs with my electric and acoustic guitar, and my voice. As I don't have much experience with recording devices and recording stuff in general, I wanted to ask you guys a few questions.

1) I saw a few examples provided by "The introduction to Recording", and it seems that focusrite 2i4 would be the better option.
Are there any other option that would be better than this? remaining on a 150-200 euro budget?

2) Can someone explain me the deal with microphones? I am obviously gonna need them for voice and acoustic guitar so i was wondering if I could stic those to the audio interface or if there was another way? If no, what microphone would you suggest for a good audio quality?

Thank you so much!
1) Plenty of audio interfaces in that price range, Mackie and PreSonus are also just as good
2) THese are useful although written by commercial co.:
Try the search option for the rest.

This is also a very good resource, tons of articles and how-to guides written by professionals on there: