I would like to see more Beyond Creation Tabs, they are pretty hard to find.
There are some tabs of their songs floating around on the net, but alot of their songs are missing. If anyone could tab out more songs from them, i would be eternally grateful.
I especially love their basswork, so if anyone could add the basslines aswell that would be awesome.
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I need waaaaaaay more Necrophagia! I've had to learn 99 percent of their songs by ear, which was great for learning to play by ear. There are still a lot of of their songs I want to learn but they're just a little too difficult without tabs. They're one of the founding death metal bands from 1983 and hardly anyone knows about them, it's sad.
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"Don't Make Me Wait" - This World Fair (TABS version)
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Anything from Defeated Sanity's Passages into Deformity and Demilich's Nespithe.
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I would love to find some Mintjam tabs, especially the track Think Positive, I've been looking forever for that one and still haven't found any.
My post have good guitar solos and riff of thrash metal music without tabs . There in each video I wrote the more relevant times when riff scales and solos appears after I listenned every song of discography bands, is a good selection.

Could maybe someone tab the intro up to 00 . 00. 38 ? I have found the slow melody but the fast parts I dont. I like this electric guitar version without the crazy tapping. Beethoven moonlight sonata 3rd movement It s a clasicc

Other songs I remember over there but Neoclassical power metal with the very good solos. I wrote the more relevant time section

Vhaldemar _ lost world 02.00 up to 02.14 little guitar solo sound classical music

Manticora _ Forever Carousel the fast melody Intro is very good

secret sphere _ Under The Flag Of Mary Read 04.10 up to 04.22 good guitar solo

at vance _ heart of steel 02.22 little guitar scale fast

Vision divine _ Forever Young The melody vocals are good

Vision Divine - On the wings of the storm 00.46 UP TO 00.56 AND 03.09 UP TO 03.19 good guitar solo and melody vocals
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