So I love Korn's album Untitled but since I sold the CD version I haven't been able to listen to it. (YouTube is just a pain on the phone, you can't do anything else if you have that on). Also their album See You On The Other Side was taken off, Manson's song Misery Machine was finally added after a long time, and they've taken off multiple Anthrax albums. What goes on that makes this happen?
Baby Joel's rabbit profile picture is kinda cute. #TeamJOEL
Record industry politics and BS. The big labels own big chunks of Spotify. They negotiate for big payouts for their catalogues. Anything not in those catalogs earns a pittance, so lots of people and labels don’t see a point in being on Spotify. They’d rather just have the fans pirate the albums than waste time with streaming services that might not pay enough to justify the cost of the lawyer who will work on the deal and contracts.

I’ve been studying the music industry for decades and IMHO just fu©k em all and stick to bands that sell their music direct on Bandcamp.
My album is on Spotify http://play.spotify.com/album/5CSxdyAPpWyTt6iCBrgorG
Give it a whirl so I can earn $0.00001, thanks!

Neil Young took his music off Spotify cos he hates the sound quality
The new solo project, and spiritual philosophy... Album out now !
hybrid 6.0
Debut album 'Silent Destruction' out now
Read the Two Guys Metal review here
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