Last year my friend gave me a guitar because she grew bored of it and at the time I was really into learning guitar... But since I can't stick to one thing for a long time the guitar has been sitting dormant in my bedroom. But earlier today I decided to collect a bunch of stuff I didn't want anymore and found that the guitar I have isn't just some Walmart guitar, its something special to fans of Paul Westerberg (I always wondered who's signature was on the guitar lol.) I don't plan on selling it now, I'll wait till the value goes up, but I still am curious as to how much its worth. If you can inform me of the value of the guitar itd be much appreciated, thanks(:
First of all, Welcome!

it's not worth a whole lot, but you could probably get $50 for it, more if you find a Paul Westerberg nut who'll want it. First act don't make terribly expensive guitars, not to say it isn't a good guitar, just inexpensive.
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