I play alot without the amp.
I play alot with the amp turned down (apartment complex)

I turned up the amp today and the strings I am not playing slightly moving under my resting hand are coming out the amp and muddling up the leads I am trying to play? Why is the picking that up?

I'd been learning pinch harmonics and been doing them towards the neck pick up area but the noise ugh.

I have a Les Paul Junior funnily enough so no I can't just switch to the other pick up lmao

Would a noise gate fix this?

I also occasionally well you know have unintended noise when tapping
I have also have noise when I bend pull off release and my nail grabs another string for shits and giggles.

WARNING: Hack guitarist ahead
I don't hear anything strange in this video. Your post makes me think that, maybe, you aren't controlling your strings.

It's normal that, with a distortion sound, even slightly vibrating strings will be amplified and muddle up your sound. Before thinking about a noise gate, simply learn to control your strings with both hands: with the picking hand it's mostly palm muting, but it's important to also use your fretting hand to "touch" the unplayed strings to keep them mute (usually those adjacent to the ones you're picking).
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Yea I also don't hear anything odd. Play loud more often if you can, you will learn to control any unwanted noises.
When I play faster the noise of my hand moving on the top strings I am not playing sounds almost louder than the thing I am meant to be playing...is that normal?

I try to play loud but you know...Neighbours.
If you aren't controlling them, it could be normal, yes. Maybe you're moving your picking hand excessively, generating friction sounds or temporarily losing contact with the strings. Is it friction that your hear, or so the unplayed strings start vibrating?

In any case, that really sounds like a gesture-related problem. Do you have a teacher, or someone knowing electric guitar, who could watch you play and correct possible problems?

Or, a shot in the dark: maybe, your pickups are too close to the strings? You could try lowering them, but you will also lose some attack and your tone will change. It's a compromise.
Guitars: Music Man JP7 2009 (piezo) and JP6 2013, Fender Stratocaster US 1991