I just bought an RC 30 loop station and have a question about the rhythm feature.

When I want to play the first thing I do is set on the rhythm choose the type, speed.
I can hear the rhythm then even though I have not started the recording.

Then I record my loop, stop the recording and continue playing over it. Everything is find so far.

But if at one point I stop the loop by pressing the right switch (to play a bridge for instance) the rhythm is mute somehow (though the rhythm light is still blinking).

Is there a way to let the rhythm keep going when I stop the loop?

Thanks for the help
FYI I found a work around to my problem.
I record a loop size (for instance 4 measures) silence on the first channel.
Then I switch to the second channel and record the real loop.

Then if I press the right pedal the rhythm keep going.
Not perfect but that is the best I was able to find out.

Another possibility is to switch to the next memory set to the same rhythm. But I would need an extra FU-5 pedal for that.