Got to be Ovation right? Have to figure humidity wouldn't affect one of those as much as an all wood instrument. Wonder if Ovation is real popular in places like the Philippines, Venezuela, etc?
no, not ovation. for jungle operations you need carbon fiber. look to composite acoustics (now owned by peavey), emerald, rainsong, etc...

as for ovation's popularity in those areas, i have no idea. ovation sure isn't popular in the us to repair though.
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Ovation Adamas would likely be OK, but I would be going for all-carbon fibre, like Rainsong, Blackbird or Emerald. These aren't cheap.

EDIT. I lived in Colombia for over two years. Most of the kind of people who live in the jungle wouldn't be able to afford an Ovation. Local makes are popular and found everywhere, with a small import market for the few that can afford them.
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I don't think that Ovation guitars are popular anywhere.
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I would have said carbon fiber....But be sure to check for tarantulas and scorpions before playing.
I saw an Ovation acoustic-electric for $179 used at GuitarCenter, thought about buying it.

I remember back in the 80's Ovation had a pretty good reputation but people don't seem to like them much anymore. What happened?
Their initial popularity was due to good promo and a very good pickup/preamp system, but as musical instruments they IMO don't have a lot to commend them compared with more conventional designs; consequently they have been overtaken by improvements in those more conventional guitars.

FWIW, I've tried a few of the new Chinese ones recently and thought that they mostly sounded a lot better than I remember the older US-made ones. I still don't like the Ovation design concept, and if I wanted a mating of timber and synthetic, I would get a Martin "X' series, but all-synthetic makes more sense to me.
Thanks for the info Tony. Did a little research after my post earlier and found that Fender manufactured Ovation in Connecticut for decades but shut down the American shops and opened up cheaper plants overseas. I could see how that could turn a lot of people off as well.

I've heard Ovations are great for playing (low action, narrow nut) but they are a pain in the butt because of the round back (sliding off thigh when playing, etc).
OK, the only guitar which would be suitable for use in the jungle, is also the one most appropriately named, "Rainsong"! "Rainsong for the Rain Forest", they should hire me to write their ad copy.

Did you know in Spainsh, "jungle", is spelled, "jungla", and is pronounced, "hoon-glah"?

And, the Ovation plant in Hartford is reopening.
rainsong or composite acoustics or blackbird - love the rider! there's no wood in any of these brands to be affected by humidity in any way, although too much heat can cause glue creep.
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