I'm headed to guitarcenter today, I think i'm going to trade in my amp for a modeler for direct recording. I want the highest quality in tone but i dont really want to spend $500, i will if i have to though....I play high gain stuff, which one would you recemmend zoom g3? digitech? i was also considering the pod line but not sure which one and i'm not afraid of buying used. which brings up another concern. if i go direct, then it will act as an audio interface but will it also be my audio interface for ezdrummer inside my DAW?
As an effects unit I'd always recommend the Zoom G3.

For interfaces though, go to the recording forum & read the stickies. You don't need the Zoom, all amp sims & effects can be done by your PC.
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All of them suck for high gain stuff. Maybe Amplitube and get some of their a-la carte amps, like the Engl and Orange models, but probably much better to get at least a dedicated pedal for that. I actually like the HT series by Blackstar as it sounds natural and has speaker emulation for recording.
Sorry but modelers are not really good at the high gain stuff.