OK, i'm sorry to post this here... but being new, the forum wont let me anywhere else....

I really need help understanding these things. I cant even find a simple answer on google!

I'm considering buying this Kramer guitar:

It has a mini (2 way) toggle switch... and a push/pull switch on the volume knob.
I've never owned a guitar with these features, and I really want to understand what they do....

Grateful to anyone that can help / explain.
The reason it's hard to find an answer is that toggles and push/pulls can be wired to do all sorts of things. So there is no one answer to the question. Usually the owner's manual will have information on the wiring in your specific guitar.

Perhaps most often, push pulls are used for coil splitting (frequently labeled incorrectly as coil tapping) which alters the wiring to turn a humbucker into a single coil pickup.

A bit of googling indicates that on that guitar, the push/pull turns on the bridge pickup regardless of where the pickup selector switch is (fairly common, sometimes called an "S-1 switch" after Fender's version of it) and the toggle splits the bridge pickup.