There's a Marshall VS100 stack on craigslist for $350 right now and I can't find anything on the head, just the combo amp. Is that a good price or overpriced? I know the higher end Marshalls are good for metal but how does that head do? I'm not necessarily looking at it looking at it but I would consider it if I could get the money.
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they will do the Death sound but not much more. Really one of the more underwhelming Marshalls I have played.
And yes it is over priced, cab is worth $100($150 in great shape) The head is worth about the same
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way to much. $200 tops. that is one of the older valvestate series heads and honestly outside of some deathmetal tones aren't very good. mostly solid state amp with one love tube in the preamp that does very little for the actual sound.
That's what I figured, I'm no longer interested. Plus my Bugera 333 already gives me insanely good sound, just wanted to see if that Marshall would be better which obviously not. I watched some videos and that VS100 sounded so fuzzy. I'm just gonna save for a Dual Rectifier or JCM800. Thanks for the info!
Baby Joel's rabbit profile picture is kinda cute. #TeamJOEL