There are some tabs on this site for this song already but they don't contain tabbing for all the lead guitar parts of the song especially the solo. Was wondering if anyone could tab all the lead guitar parts not really fussed about the chords. It is a slow playing guitar song so should be easy for someone to tab. Here's the song is you need to hear it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZhW76LAnTY
i,ll do it for you in a few days if you don,t mind waiting, unless someone comes along and does it i,ll attempt it for you
its getting there i,m busy with other stuff around the house, so its when i have the time but i,ll get to it, i have the intro and a few notes after the 1st verse, but its getting there.

Ok here you go, it may be a little out when you go to play with the song, it was kinda annoying tabbing it out, in a way that it sounded in but out, if you get me, you may have to tune your guitar to the song. but hope this helps you. good luck with it.

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