So I was wondering what are good ways to get Doom metal and Black Metal tones with software. I have an amp but I need to be able to do it quietly so it's kind of useless most of the time. Also I really don't want a polished sound or any djenty sound. I have tried pod farm and I can't say I'm real impressed so far but maybe I'm just not using it right so what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Oh yeah I've looked through them I am going to check out the Hybrit sim but most of them sound very djenty especially the ignite stuff. I want more of a BOSS HM-2 tone which is great for old school doom and death metal then maybe some more analog stuff for black metal tones something very gritty think Darkthrone and Bathory here. I realize an analog tone may be better achieved using an analog plugin over just about any amp sim but which ones?
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You could use something like a PODxt and plug that straight into your computer to record. You can get an old one for cheap. It's got some good sounding stuff, and you can tweak it for days. Sounds way better than say an Amplitube type software amp.
Look at the LePou plugins and then mail put another overdrive sim on top, usually your DAW would have a plain overdrive plugin to pile in front if needed.

Get these:

Overdrive, Bandisto and Degrade with one of the high gain LePou amps should put you in the right direction toward sonic pain.