Hi guys,
I’m after some advice on a few things so please bear with me as I might jump around a few issues.

I’ve been playing (self taught) for about about 4 months now as I much as I keep reading “practice makes perfect”, I am struggling on some things.

The guitar I have is a Yamaha FG720s;
I have to use a stock tied strap and its gets in the way when using fret one. I have to down tune one and use a capo at the 1st to feel comfortable.
I find the tone can be low. Is this a trait of this model/Yamaha’s?
When testing, the store showed me a Taylor style make that was obviously cheaper. They loved it, it didn’t have the same finish but one of the reasons it was cheaper. Any idea what it might have been? It was out of my budget at the time but it did have a higher tonal range.

Is the neck of my 720 classed as small/normal/large? I am really struggling on some chords. In particular barre such as F/B and also making my ring finger span 2 frets away from index.
Sometimes I find I have to press hard on some chords to stop the buzzing.
I do have small fingers and even from the knuckle my pinky only covers 4 strings. Is there anywhere that can offer alternative shapes/chords? At present my repertoire covers songs with basic shapes - C/D/E/A/G etc...

At this moment I get frustrated at myself because I simply cannot barre 6 strings and span 2 let only 4 frets. I want to except my limitations but not let them get me down and find a workaround.

I appreciate that's a lot of stuff and it probably doesnt make much sense. In a nutshell;

Can I make my 720 feel/sound better/easier?
Do I have the right size guitar? What else should I try size wise?
Higher tonal better guitar make? Possible elec-acoustic?
Alternative chords/shapes

Thanks for any input
the taylor might have been the 114 or the GS mini.

i have small hands and prefer a wider neck with a shorter scale.

have your guitar set up by a luthier - ask for low action. lower action (make the strings closer to the fretboard) made a HUGE difference to my playing - i used to feel like i had to use a death grip on my guitars. i also use lighter than normal strings - 10s or maybe 11s - rather than the lights (12s) that most guitars come with. that helped with my barre chords, as well, which i could barely play till i started having my guitars set up - and with nice low action.

the yamaha and the taylors at that price range, btw, have thinner necks than i like.

btw, if you don't have 2 pegs for your strap, have the other one installed. there's no reason to use those old tie-on guitar straps at all.

by "the tone can be low", do you mean low as in it has lots of bass? you can change that by changing the strings, but i don't find the FG720s to be unusually bassy.

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The only Taylor guitar cheaper than the Yamaha model you mention is the Taylor Baby.

If I was you I'd dump the Yammy and pick up a Taylor Big Baby.
Thanks for replies.

I am already using 10's down from 12's and yes I was already looking for a local luthier as its my cheapest option at present.

I will look into those guitars mentioned but the one I was thinking of wasn't a Taylor and it was more expensive than the Yamaha (thats why I went 720). I was told it was like a Taylor but without the final finish that Taylors offer but the wood/manfacturing and quality was similar (maybe built by an ex Taylor?)