So I'm in the market for a new amp. Had the same shitty 10 Watt Orange Amp that I got when I bought my first guitar, for about 10 years now. It sounds like literal mud. I'm mostly a basement player. Occasionally break out the guitar at family events or to jam with friends so Id like it to be able to play over a drum set but not so loud it rattler he windows out of my house.

I really like the Bugera amp. Great sound for a great price, but there's thousands of reviews out there where people had to buy 3 before getting a functioning one, which I'm not interested in. Most of those reviews are from 2011 or earlier though so my question is have they gotten better? Is it worth looking into getting one? Or would a classic or Nomad be a better decision.

Thanks for any input. Anything is appreciated
peavey classic 50 is brilliant. loved mine. easily plays over a drumkit. takes pedals like a ****ing champ.

don't waste your time with bugera. i did, and eventually returned my v55 after multiple issues.

no idea about the nomad.
Yeah I've heard lots of great things about the classic. I'm mostly just worried it will be too loud. I found a used one in my area for $400 so im debating getting it and trying it out and if I don't like it or if it's too loud then just reselling it.
I bought a Carvin v3m micro head and 2x12 cab for it. It's fantastic. It's all tube, 3 channels, has plenty of gain and even reverb on it. New I think it was around 600, which is nothing for a tube amp made in USA.

The cool thing about it is that it's 50 watts - plenty of power for playing with a drum kit, but you can notch it down to 7 watts to use at the house, which is what I do.

I've had people I know get Bugeras and regret it, so I'd stay away from those.
The Bugera amps seem to be very hit or miss. People either love them or loathe them. I play with pedals on almost all the time (mostly because it's the only way to make my amp sound even semi okay). But I usually have an overdrive pedal and delay on slightly just to ad some nice tone. So taking pedals well is a must. The micro stack sounds very interesting. I'll definitely look into that one too. I mostly play rock and Blues so I don't need an amp with heavy distortion by any means. I'm much more interested in a nice clean channel. I'll definitely check out the v3m and classic more though.
The peavey classic 50 is what I would go with. The carvin nomad is great for cleans stock & with the right tubes & speakers excellent for dirt as well, sounds so much better in a band mix too.
Mesa F-30 /50, express,. 22 cal. 50 cal, etc. They could be found a few bucks over your budget. Way better.
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teh v22 series from bugera are a shining gem in the line. very little bad to say about for FOR THE PRICE. i liked that little amp. nothing to brag about though.

teh carvin and peavey will be gig quality. the bugera is not. striaght up, thats about as clear as it gets. carvin and peavy are going to build ford tough and bugera is going to build it like a Kia or something. they all give you blue tooth these days. or something. i hope thats a reasonable analogy.

i personally would probably take the peavey or carvin. the peavey are widely accepted as great amps. or heck, whats wrong with a used blues junior?
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