I ve recently changed my Schecter's strings from Ernie Ball 1046 to 1045 (A different brand that i cant hardly remeber) Will it be bad for my Electric guitar ? Cuz i heard that if you dont stick to the original type of strings it will damage the guitar fretboard's tension or something. THANKS IN ADVANCE
A significant change in string gauge/material will affect the neck, but it won't damage it, especially not a change that small. With a bigger change the truss rod might need adjusting, but in this case that shouldn't be necessary.
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Thank you K33nbl4d3! I guess it will be fine , i saved almost a year just for that guitar, dont wanna ruined it
You can put any type of string on any guitar. But usually you'll have to adjust the truss rod. In your case it shouldn't require anything. However if you start noticing that the guitar is less playable then you may have to do some adjustments.
Are you talking about just changing the string brand or the string gauge? changing the sting brand is not gonna make any difference but if you are migrating between string gauges, then yes you will have to make some truss rod adjustments.
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Who ever told you that needs to be kicked in the kiwis. There are issues associated with big jumps in gauges but non of them gear threatening. At worst you will need a new set up or intonation. Do yourself a favor and buy Dan Erlewine's setup book.
The only time i have ever heard of strings doing damage are to the frets themselves. Especially if its an old or cheaper guitar the fretwire is much softer than modern strings and will cause accelerated wear on the frets. Thats why when you see some really really old guitars mainly acoustics being played and tge strings look like there 50 years old its probably because they are and the owner dont want to put new modern strings on it and accelerate the wear. Fretwire and strings have came a long way in there composition and the old mixed with new isnt always good.
You'll be fine.

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