So I blew out my old POS Line 6 Spider amp awhile ago, and I have been playing my guitar directly into my audio interface, using Logic Pro X amp simulation, and playing out of my studio monitors lately. Its time for me to get some real gear again.

Im looking at getting an Orange 212 open back cabinet paired with a Peavey 6505 head. However, I would still like direct recording access to my computer without having to unplug my guitar cable back and forth between my interface and my amp.

Would it work if I keep my guitar plugged into the instrument input of my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and use one of its 8 mono line level outputs out to the Peavey 6505's input? I would use the Mix control software that came with the interface to make it so the Peavey can only accept sound from my guitar (channel 1)

Any help/advice would be appreciated!

Just to clarify, the signal flow is:
Guitar---Instrument input of audio interface---Mono line level output of interface---Peavey6505
Nah you need a reamping box.

It could work but it wouldn't sound as good as it would by using a reamping box or by plugging the guitar directly into the amp.
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Gah, alright. Im just lazy and don't want to switch cables and whatnot. I saw that the Peavey has a "preamp out" output. Could I use that to connect to my interface's input? I would imagine it would let just the dry signal come out after interacting with the preamp, but I have never heard of such an output.

And you better believe Ill be micing the Orange up when I record for real! I prefer direct recording when Im trying to record song ideas so I don't forget them.
You could get an attenuator like the Jettenuator and just have the line out plugged into the interface without unplugging the cab.
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I highly suggest you get a closed-back 2x12 if you want a tight sound with bass that doesn't flub out
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I think the easiest way to go would be to record your guitar direct using amp sims, then reamp with either a DI box in reverse or a reamp box feeding the input of the amp. That way you can dial in an uniform sound when you're ready to complete your production.
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Just mic the Peavey

This lol Get yourself an SM57 to go with your new (closed back) cab and head
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