So after months of going through members, I finally released a song with my project. It's kind of metalcore I'd say. I also did the video since I didn't have the cash at the moment to pay for one. Would love some critiques.
Heres a link to the youtube video.
Vocals aren't bad at all, I definitely dig them more than most core stuff. You sound a lot rawer and serious. I think it's pretty straightforward metalcore, nicely produced with a badass bass tone as well. The guitar solo was really basic modern metal stuff, it sounded cool and all but it was pretty much a dime a dozen. Did it's job well though. The video is fine, if not pretty cool actually.

I'm not the biggest fan of metalcore so I won't say anything subjective here. It was solid and sounded professional sound quality wise.
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Thanks man. The other guitarist and I aren't the best lead players so we kind of just got something that would be somewhat flashy haha. The song was pretty much self produced. So the production comments are great to hear as well. We tinkered with the song alot before releasing it due to thinking it wouldn't be enough. So I ended up just letting it out there to see what people thought.