Do you play bass guitar or rhythm guitar? Are you aged 16-20? If so there is a place ready and waiting for you in the band Worthless Motivation, contact us and you can join us in a band practice session in which you will get to play with the band and get a feel for whether this is the band for you, the application process is simple just email worthlessmotivation@hotmail.com stating your instrument and then a little bit about yourself.

a band member will shorty get back in touch with you, the band member will ask if you can learn at least two songs that the band is practicing, once you are ready the band will invite you to a band practice.

After the practice the band will get back in touch with you if you was successful, the band will invite you to one more band practice should you want to go.

After the second practice if you are successful again you will be invited to an open mic live performance once the performance has held place the band will judge based on your band practice skill and your live performance skill the band will then contact you once more to say whether you have successfully made it into the band.

What is Worthless Motivation?

Worthless Motivation is a four piece band from Sheffield. Right now the band is currently covering a variety of songs in order to find their own unique sound. The band has plans to tour and play shows, and has an upcoming show on the 22nd of August. The band will be playing a series of gigs after which will then go on to write original content. The band currently consists of Tom Crump (vocals/temp bassist) Gabby Moore (Drummer) Matt Hague (lead guitar).

What makes you perfect for the band?
A willingness to play shows and contribute to the writing of songs is a must, honesty within the band and the ability to give constructive criticism to the band members.

Is a band your dream?
The members at Worthless Motivation see the band as their life goal and keep to scheduals in order to be the best they can be. Can you do the same?

Want some evidence of the band?
Look us up on Facebook: Worthless Motivation
YouTube: Worthless Motivation: http://youtu.be/AeVjTH037VE
And Instagram: Worthless_Motivation