hi everyone, im brand new to playing guitar and would like a few suggestions of easy songs to start out with..
im learning through YouSician and can nearly play the intro to wish you were here by pink floyd. any hints and tips welcome :-) its only been like 5 days but already happy i can play a pink floyd riff lol

songs please people
Smoke on the water, paranoid, iron man, nearly any punk song with few exceptions, and any greenday tune is fairly easy to learb as a beginner. The best thing to do in my opinion is just practice your chords and learn the instrument and tge way it works first before learning to play actual songs. This can be a wonderful journey or a hard trek through hell. It all depends on you and the foundation you start with. So practice good playing habits first and get a working knowledge of chords and learn where the notes are on the fretboard then the real fun begins. But fall into bad habits early they can be a real burden down the road. Hope this helps.
Intros to songs are good to start with. Find a cool song and learn the intro and it sounds really impressive. Plus they are good practice for all kinds of techniques.
The only thing i see wrong with that is you can get stuck in doing that for a really ling time before you actually progress. You wind up as ine of those guys who can play 1000s riffs but never a full song
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The only thing i see wrong with that is you can get stuck in doing that for a really ling time before you actually progress. You wind up as ine of those guys who can play 1000s riffs but never a full song

That is a bad habit which I am trying to kick so that I don't get stuck at the same level.
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Hahaha, something tells me Fahey might be a tall order! Ignore my last...but enjoy the music! If you aren't acquainted with John Fahey, look him up on youtube!

Green Day has a lot of songs using the same power chords, not too difficult to learn if you like punkish stuff. Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones is one of the easiest songs to learn, period.
John Fahey? Yea thats a bit of a stretch im 18 years in and still cant do alit of things he can.
How about some pop rock songs like Old Man Learns to Rock ? lol !
Amateur guitarist straight from the oven !

learn power chords then you can play heaps of shit, American Idiot for example.

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I started playing about two months ago so im still a beginner too, i'm pretty sure the first ones i managed to play were generic riffs (e.g. seven nation army, satisfaction) which have probably been mentioned already. depending on what you want to play, i found Running Wild - Drenge and any of the Royal Blood tracks fairly easy to learn. id say go for something you're gonna enjoy playing rather than learning for the sake of learning.
Is recommend beginning with something that's very catchy, simple, and will make you feel good to be able to play. That being said, try Iron Man, by Black Sabbath. A classic intro riff and it's real easy.
The first song I learnt to play was Seven Nation Army, there's not exactly a lot to it (which is good for beginners) and I could play it the whole way through after a couple of times of practising
Hi folks, I teach guitar beginner guitar and thought I'd ask your advice because you have some good tips for beginners. I have so many adult students who really struggle with chords...sometimes it takes them months to get to the stage where they can play a full song...sometimes they don't make it and quit... yet nearly every guitar teacher on planet earth starts their students with chords. Riffs are good, but I see the point made by Dick Savage about never learning a whole song. A hard habit to break. I've written and collected a heap of songs that sound great straight away...you learn the whole song from start to finish...and we gradually build up to chords. Do you reckon this is a good idea? Any thoughts?