Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problem I am with my guitar:
When I tune up my g string, the pitch just makes a jump and gets super sharp. Does anyone know if this is a problem with my intonation? or my nut slot? or maybe its a conflict with my tuning machine?

Thanks guys
It could be a problem with the nut.
If the g string is snagging or not moving smoothly through the nut it will build up tension and eventually "jump" as you put it.
If you scrape a bit of graphite off a pencil with a blade and use it to lubricate the slot in the nut it might help. (Take off the string first)
Otherwise it could be your machine head that's faulty.
Sounds like it's just sticking in the nut. And by take the string off, don't waste the string of there's nothing wrong with it, just loosen it.

Does it make a ping noise when it jumps?